Massive Wiki Wednesday (ANZ-Asia), 2021-07-28


Wendy Elford, Bentley Davis, Peter Kaminski


  • Remo
  • Wiki "archetypes"
    • how do people wiki?
    • what are different kinds of wiki?
      • which are "good" in what context?
      • which are "bad" in what context?
  • Massive Wiki Organizational Projects
  • Massive Wiki Community Wikis
  • Remo
  • GDM

Wiki Archetypes

  • what are the next ways wiki might get used
  • wiki as interactive (solo or collab) knowledge artifact (rather than a boot or a static website)
    • disintermediates knowledge flows away from author-publisher loops

Massive Wiki Motivations


  • usable without servers or specific editors


  • fork/pull, branches, PRs, structured conversations about the diffs
  • holding space for conversations about the knowledge space

Wiki Metaphors

  • Cauliflower
  • Jungle
  • Bamboo Forest
    • Bonsai

GDM (G*** Docs to Massive)

  • a sibling to Matrix-to-Massive
  • the idea is to pull Google Docs in a particular folder, transform them to Markdown, and then put them into a folder in a Massive Wiki
  • wikis are open space for interaction
  • dimensionality of knowledge


  • spatiality
    • wikis (and knowledge in general) is spatial
  • able to share screen and have video on, and viewers can choose which person/screen to make primary

Massive Wiki Community Wikis

  • "marcom" site
  • user community
  • developer community
  • some kind of knowledgebase?

Massive Wiki Organization Projects

  • Simplest Path To Git
    • Windows, Mac
  • Critical Massive Wiki Builder Bugs
  • Matrix to Massive
  • Branding and Logos
  • Rationalizing MW Org Wikis
  • Community Knowledgebase Wikis (CSC?)
    • subsidiarity (chunking, naming)
      • books
      • people profiles
    • federation (linking)
  • Skins
    • Wiki with sidebar
  • CSC GitLab and/or Gitea
    • remember not to stick on "Git", but Ma SVF (shared, versioned files)
  • Outreach
  • Advanced Massive Wiki
    • "levels"
    • interwiki linking
    • federating pages
    • Git branches, fork/pull, pull requests collaboration
  • Opal
  • GDM (G*** Docs to Massive)


  • Ionic (Electron, Web)
  • Editor: MCEditor, CK Edit, Quill, SlateJS (used by Netlify CMS)?
  • Git client

Links and Resources