Massive Wiki Wednesday (US-EU), 2021-08-25


Bill Anderson, Bentley Davis, Peter Kaminski


  • reorganizing MW org wikis
  • "Conversations"
  • Opal & Omni Editor
  • "Job Jar"
  • chunking, naming, linking
    • chunking into smaller pieces
    • aggregating chunks that are too small into larger, better chunks
  • GDM
  • Minimal Viable Meetings (Stowe Boyd)


Start off knowing what we're doing.

  • can we / should we organize things
  • chunking, naming, linking
  • naming heuristics
    • e.g., Short Noun Phrases

Omni Editor

  • cloud editor
  • reads/writes files from different backends: GitHub, git, Fission, Google Drive, local drive

Procedural Bots

Omni Editor - omnied - as in the wiki was "omnied"

Stowe Boyd Minimal Viable Meetings