Massive Wiki Wednesday (US-EU), 2021-12-08


  • Recent Changes for Massive Wiki
  • "Petard" app
    • "hoisted" method
  • Micro Frameworks

Micro Frameworks

  • The key concept is "routes" and "routing".
    • cf. "endpoint" ; they are both about the same thing, just from the inside or outside
  • Express (Node) routing:
  • Flask (Python) routing:
  • The next biggest concept is templating (and relatedly, serving static files)

"Page News", a recent changes app

  • Python Flask app
  • propose a "standard" localhost URL so we can put the URL in an Obsidian page
  • the app can show recent changes from many vaults
    • config file (and/or Obsidian central list of vaults) that says which vaults to list in the app
    • each vault can have either Syncthing, Git, or filesystem recent changes (or maybe multiple methods?)
    • question: can we auto-detect sync mecha
  • the app shows recent changes from one vault at a time
  • use Obsidian URI Scheme to make links back into Obsidian pages
    • add a config flag to enable or disable generation of links back into Obsidian

route ideas:

  • /
  • /page-news/
  • /page-news/?type=[syncthing,git,filesystem]

example for Sync+Swim: http://localhost:8385/page-news/sync+swim

getting a list of vaults that Obsidian knows about: