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2022-11-25 Massive Wiki and Mastodon spelunking

start here with this toot:

** Open Source Gardens**@opensourcegardens@chaos.social

Dear #Fediverse: We are looking for a good solution to collaboratively create and maintain a #list of #open #source technologies for #gardens from #software to #hardware.

the solution should

  • offer public visibility (via html)
  • be easily editable (with or w/o account)
  • have a version history
  • be low tech
  • hosted by other good people
  • open source (of course)

extras for some style features, data fields and federation
tips welcome, boosts as well.

Nov 25, 2022, 04:21

pete responds to band sending the above toot

Peter Kaminski@peterkaminski@toolsforthought.rocks

@band it does, although #MassiveWiki still doesn't seem quite user-friendly enough?

Or, perhaps #MassiveWiki is more or less as friendly as other wiki engines, and maybe we just haven't yet found many communities that are really engaged around growing and maintaining a wiki.

(Talk about weird synchronicity, I wanted to show somebody how to spelunk through Mastodon space, and in about 5 semi-random hops, I had navigated to that very post - before I had seen your post!)

band has thoughts


@peterkaminski (1) Massive Wiki, maybe like all wikis (but not Mediawiki?) has a barrier to web editing and commenting (hypothesis annotation maybe close enough?). (2) you are correct about finding or not finding communities engaged in wiki use and tending. (3) these thoughts deserve capture on (which?) Massive Wiki we have? (4) and how do you spelunk through Mastodon space (an inquiring mind wants to know)?


Peter Kaminski@peterkaminski@toolsforthought.rocks

@band re spelunking Mastodon, still discovering, but:

A) Start with a list of instances, say:

Look for smaller instances, maybe use a keyword.
Go to instance(s), do a search, or look at "Local", or click "Profiles directory" in the lower left.

B) Search hashtags on one of the big instances, e.g.:


C) The classic social network trick: find an interesting person's profile; spelunk their Following and Followers; recurse.