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One of the [[Things to Build]]. A Massive Wiki frontend for GitHub or other Git forges. It runs in the browser and presents edit, preview, page lists, searches, and wiki link interfaces to the user. In the back end, it reads and edits the files via [...]

- that is only 4 out of 5 - so maybe good enough? - good enough for AI work? let's link to a [[SaplingPage]], just for the connection

Here we are providing samples for fuzzy linking to other pages: - one at the root [[The Walrus]] - one in another folder [[Bill Anderson]] - one in this folder [[sameFolder note]] - one in a folder in a folder [[folder in a folder test page]] - let's [...]

- Work on the README and other documentation for PyPI, as a way of determining what to build for the way we want to deploy - Finalize short list of grant proposal topics to Waggle Dance - Related Communities / Projects - TIPO - "Tools, Inputs, [...]

- [Massive Wiki Wednesday, 2024-01-31 (YouTube)]( - [[Fellowship of the link]] - [[Lionsberg]] - [[Jordan Nicholas Sukut]] on using remainder of grant to advance our mission optimally - How this relates to [[massive wiki]] [...]