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The following is copied from a September 2023 email exchange regarding what kind of wiki to use for local, community centered information. Massive Wiki is a good platform for this. Peter Kaminski provided some of the reasons why: 1. **Accessible** to [...]

This is a general overview of how to convert the pages from a running MediaWiki instance to Massive Wiki pages. There are many variables involved in the process, and you may need to change these steps or add more; or, it might not work at all. These [...]

_Instructions section moved to [Installing Git and GitHub CLI on Mac]( (Prose Fusion wiki)._ I'm exploring the installation of Git on a fresh Mac. I'm using VirtualBuddy and macOS [...]

(Pete is making some sample edits here.) A Git GUI client is a graphical application that provides a user-friendly interface for interacting with the Git version control system. It helps users manage their repositories, visualize commit history, [...]

A Massive Wiki supports the sharing of versions of files in Markdown format. Markdown, Shared, Versioned, Files led to an acronym, MaSVF, that is pronounced like the word "Massive". So writing shared, versioned, Markdown files makes it "Massive";-- [...]