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Dolce is an MWB theme under development. see [[Hamburger Menus and Toggling Sections 2024-05-01.drawio.png]] if page_width < 768 - nav-ham-icon turns on if page_width > 768 * nav-ham-icon turns off if nav-ham-icon clicked: - toggle display of nav- [...]

**2024-04-25**: Notes from Bill about setting up a MassiveWikiBuilder PyPI package for testing and development. ( ```shell brew install pipx pipx ensurepath ``` ```shell $ pipx ensurepath Success! Added [...]

_Last updated 2024-04-10 by Peter Kaminski_ [[Basso]] is the current standard theme used for Massive Wikis. You can customize this theme to change how your wiki website looks when built. Here, we will demonstrate how to use a font from Google Fonts, [...]

- pytest - proposal - pypi module - next steps - finding a community to ask questions - how to install a Google Font in Basso - working on - ran on Pete's computer - Bill to [...]

We are excited to present a comprehensive proposal for the development and enhancement of features for Massive Wiki Builder, part of the Massive Wiki ecosystem. Open Global Mind, spearheaded by Jerry Michalski, is the project sponsor. The features [...]