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Massive Wiki is a movement to create a wiki _ecosystem_ (rather than just an engine) that provides classic wiki utility, with a plurality of tools and processes that enable decentralization and federation of the pages. Massive Wiki inherits some key [...]

- [Massive Wiki Wednesday, 2023-11-08 - Developer Wiki (Massive Wiki)](,_2023-11-08) Aim for a good release by end of year - MWB -> MWP (or new name) - add that "decentralized/distributed" [...]

- general idea, dynamically create a ToC file inside a directory, for the Markdown files inside the directory - issues: - not needed in all directories, need some way to indicate which dirs and which not - Obsidian plugin, MWP plugin, standalone - [...]

This is a general overview of how to convert the pages from a running MediaWiki instance to Massive Wiki pages. There are many variables involved in the process, and you may need to change these steps or add more; or, it might not work at all. These [...]

_Instructions section moved to [Installing Git and GitHub CLI on Mac]( (Prose Fusion wiki)._ I'm exploring the installation of Git on a fresh Mac. I'm using VirtualBuddy and macOS [...]