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Massive Wiki Wednesday (ANZ-Asia), 2021-10-19



  • Setup for Wendy and Mark on Conversations wiki

general discussion

Intent for conversations wiki

  • real people use real conversations - make a more conversational wiki
  • currently we are adding to and commenting on pages
  • Bill and Pete put the mattermost thread on the conversations wiki
  • use a block quote to do a comment so inline there are notes within notes

Mark Carranza has used wikis before - tries to recall how comments - one at the bottom of the page - date - name first comment first last last inline comments - does not remember

Pete K wikipedia - one page with second page

massive wiki is to use git as a central repository and somehow link different wikis through git - NO

pete mW to use markdown files to make a wiki AND the files are shared and versioned AND the way we do this currently with Git has played around with NextCloud This has shared version files in something like Sharepoint and it has a nice markdown editor mostly we do it with Git The wiki, each wiki exists in multiple places - on the computer as a local set of files AND render to static website the way we collaborate - we all edit - pull and push We have not had the. multiple wikis Also wants to get to git branches and forks and folds problem with or new thing for the wiki Talk about what goes and does not PeteK - is starting to copy files from one wiki to another YAML front matter so you have a page history - more conversational than git commits

YAML - delimit it with --- so viewer knows whether to show it or not AND the static site generator Pete built does something similar