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How about transcluding our parent?

transclusion test page

2023-02-28: from MWW session:

  • requirement for MWW to support transclusion
  • seems straightforward; let's try to keep some notes

  • excerpt from a recent talk by Amitav Ghosh:

... what the future holds may be the exact inverse of the techno-scientific utopias dreamt of by cognitive elites. It would be a world, or worlds, in which those who have long been stigmatized as poor and backward will regain their lost sovereignty, as it comes to be realized that Humanity’s future, such as it is, depends not on space stations, or high-tech bunkers, or Martian colonies, but on being able to adapt to rapidly changing environments here on Earth.

How about a wikilink? README


Cannot transclude and transclude this within itself.

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