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Links for backlinks

Here's a page that has some links.

We have a Massive Wiki Roadmap.

We have links that are incipient (i.e., a link to MassiveWiki page that has not yet been created).

You can make a link like this: [[double square brackets]] - for example, [[Massive Wiki Roadmap]].

If you need to change the link text: roadmap.

Massive Wiki Builder does not currently support internal Markdown links like this, though: [roadmap][Massive%20Wiki%20Roadmap.md].

Sometimes, we use a fenced code block as an example.

# H1
## H2

- bullet 1
- bullet 2

Wikilinks: [[double square brackets]], for example, [[Massive Wiki Roadmap]]

Some image stuff

an image: 2021-11-11-Milosz.jpeg

a page with the same filename stem: 2021-11-11-Milosz

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