Massive Wiki Project Work Proposal

  • This wiki page is Bill Anderson's initial description (2023-07-23)

Massive Wiki project development goals

The next steps in Massive Wiki development are divided, for now, into two categories.

  1. Documenting how to establish and use a Massive Wiki to support and facilitate information or personal knowledge management (PKM) task or tasks. This entails:
    • adopting wiki content creating applications, and
    • establishing work practices that suit the project, including managing versions of shared content
  2. Documenting how to publish a Massive Wiki to the Internet. This procedure (and its associated practices) are supported today with MassiveWikiBuilder (MWB) software, available on Gihub:


  • write Massive Wiki work plans for each step; prioritize the specified work tasks
  • clarify and describe goals, commitments, and, if needed, resource requirements and risks
  • one primary task: determine our commitment for wider distribution and the associated support work

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