Flotilla-Massive 2021-04-14


Vincent Arena, Peter Kaminski, Bill Anderson, Charles Blass, Michael Grossman

Checking In

  • gardening
  • composting
  • carefully harvesting sprouting seeds out of the previous winter's compost
  • information overwhelm

  • conversation vs conversations vs The Conversation

  • various types/ orders of conversation

  • collective intelligence

  • connected intelligence
  • super intelligence
  • collective connected super intelligence

  • humans are too messy and computers are the norm

  • computers are too rigid and humans are the norm

  • balance between structure and flexibility/emergence

Markdown Questions

  • Project Directories
    • Can we do tables in this?
      • yes, but they're ugly; maybe we want to do it a little differently


Field Description Field Type


emails: - kaminski@istori.com - peter.kaminski@gmail.com full-name: "Peter Kaminski" organizations: - "Open Global Mind" - "Collective Sense Commons" - Flotilla - "Free Jerry's Brain" phones: - "+1 650-918-6101" short-name: Pete sortable-name: "Kaminski, Peter" twitter: "@peterkaminski" urls: - "http://peterkaminski.com/"


project: "Catalist Network" communities: - OGM - CICOLAB - UIF description: "Catalist is a cataloging tool for building collective intelligence." help-needed: - details: "looking for money" type: Funding - details: "looking for team" type: Team geo-pin: Long Island, NY geo-regions-served: {"Global", "United States"} about-us: stage: project-type: Startup project-type(s): Tool, Startup, Community main-topic Sub Topics Website Link: Causes: Skills Needed: Related Projects: Technologies Used: Languages: Personas That Would Like This Project: Openess/Opportunities To Get Involved: Team Size: Project Image: Compensation: Project Privacy: Problem(s) Solving: Help Needed Category Free Text/Miscellaneous:


twitter-link: https://twitter.com/peterkaminski" twitter-handle: "@peterkaminski" twitter: @peterkaminski twitter: peterkaminski urls: - "http://peterkaminski.com/" - "https://linkedin.com/in/peterkaminski" - "https://twitter.com/peterkaminski" - "https://medium.com/@peterkaminski"

short-bio: 160 char longer-bio: geo-pin-current: time zone inherited geo-pins-past: about-me: passions: Email:

Past Roles & Organization(s): Student, Rensselaer Current Roles @ Organization(s): Founder, Catalist

What are the questions that underly your work?Underlying work: beyond roles

objectives personal-website Interests Projects Link how to link projects?

projects: - "Massive Wiki" - "Emergent Event Sensemaking" - "Free Jerry's Brain" - "OGM Stewards"

Major & Class Year: Mechanical Engineering, 17' Major & University: Mechnical Engineering, RPI

Birth date: Personas: What is your superpower? What comes easy to you? "CICOLAB" Role

urls: opportunities: preferred communications channel:

Fields / Complexity We Won't Use Now?

geo-complex: - address: "88 Hewlett Road, ER, NY" type: Headquarters precision: address description: "This is our headquarters" - address: New York type: region served precision: state description: "This is our main customer base"

Schemas and Tools

  • ambiguation of grammar and terms
  • e.g., dbdesigner.net
  • also see relational schema
  • also see entity-relationship diagram

YAML Tools

  • https://jsonformatter.org/yaml-formatter
  • http://www.yamllint.com/
  • https://www.convertjson.com/yaml-to-json.htm


  • https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/examples/geocoding-simple

Shortcuts For Later

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