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Massive Wiki Wednesday, 2021-06-23

Wednesday, 2021-06-23 8am PDT, 11am EDT, 3pm UTC, 5pm CEST




Agenda Items

  • timing of this call every week
    • let's keep Wednesday for now, but an hour later
  • Massive Human Intelligence
  • nodes and lines diagramming tools
    • Scapple, Whimsical, etc.
  • GitHub authentication
  • Matrix to Massive
  • Massive Roadmap
  • Massive Wiki wikis
  • OGM Wiki
    • "OGM Wiki Ambassadors"
  • CSC Wiki?
  • Better Discussion Places
    • talk to the MetaCAugs community
    • leverage Mattermost API

Making Massive Wiki Easier

  • making contribution easier
    • quick comment on website?
  • email into massive wikis

GitHub authentication

  • Pete to try Bill's instructions on Windows and Mac
    • shall we strongly suggest 2FA?