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Massive Wiki Wednesday, 2021-06-30

Wednesday, 2021-06-30 9am PDT, 12pm EDT, 4pm UTC, 6pm CEST

Agenda Items

  • what have you noticed or observed about Massive ____ this week that seems worth making a note of, if anything?
  • which Massive Wiki wikis?
  • Massive Wiki wishlist
  • Massive Roadmap
  • GitHub authentication
  • multisensory data
  • Massive Pitch
  • GitHub vs. GitLab, Gitea

Massive Pitch

  • record an hour (or two) of video, then collectively garden the interesting bits out
  • Bill's haiku notes
  • what did we hear
  • what was "said", but not actually spoken
  • Tavistock, social dreaming
    • cf. collective presencing


  • there's a lot of friction
    • startup piece, obviously
    • e.g., needs a lot of curation
    • need to ideate/learn how to/iterate structure information


  • build / do something useful for a community
  • aspirational documentary, e.g., three communities, sensorica, p2pfoundation, cicolab, peeragogy, etc. being able to come together
  • collecting and distilling CICOLAB wraps


  • super quick annotations
  • commenting
  • more sharing

GitHub authentication

  • Pete to try Bill's instructions on Windows and Mac