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Massive Wiki Wednesday, 2022-02-09


  • Page News Progress
  • Opal, Zirconia
  • improving the Massive Wiki web presence
  • better theming for Massive Wiki builder

Page News Progress

Plain Python?

  • trying to get to plain python, to reduce overhead for new users to install
  • got stuck on macOS not having dbm support (which we need for Shelf)
    • does Shelf support a different db that would be more available

Deployment Options

  • continue with plain python
  • Dockerize
    • Docker is easy to install, yay!
    • concern about resource overhead of running Docker
    • concern about having to docker run containers via command-line
    • Docker free edition update policy?
  • switch to Node?
    • don't want users to have to run native Node
    • could ship an Electron app
      • but is Electron resource hoggery better than Docker?
    • need to rewrite into Javascript