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Massive Wiki Wednesday, 2022-07-20


  • looked at Stork; don't need to play with it now
  • CSS for search.html in Basso fixed!
  • working towards MWB 2.0
    • we decided not to check in node_modules
  • refactor glob / walk loops
    • defer until after 2.0
  • twin-wiki, multi-wiki for Lionsberg Wiki
  • branches / branch strategy for Lionsberg Wiki
  • moving https://www.civilization2.org/ to MWB? Super Simple?

Working towards MWB 2.0

Current State

  • MWB now at 1.9
  • Starter Wiki also at 1.9
    • Rel8 using (essentially) Starter at 1.9, without MWB and MWT installed
  • Developer Wiki is at 1.7
  • bandstands is at (essentially) release candidate 2.0
  • other wikis: Lionsberg, OGM, etc.

Next Steps

  • update MWB to 2.0 from bandstands (mostly copying mwb.py, package.json, package-lock.json, javascript file, docs)
    • don't check in node_modules
  • Starter Wiki gets updated hash for MWB
  • Developer Wiki gets updated to MWB 2.0
  • update other wikis