Massive Wiki Wednesday, 2022-08-23

(on Tuesday this week)


  • [x] Bill's MWB 2.0 migration script
  • [x] Getting People Started
  • [x] Syncthing vs. Hypercore Hyperdrives
    • [ ] IPFS
    • [ ] pinning
  • [x] git-empty
  • [x] "first image" / hero image feature
  • [x] "Recently Pulled Files" section in Obsidian Git's Source Code view
  • [x] make an MX clone in Python? or JavaScript? collaborative?

Inspired by git-empty

See: git-empty GitHub repo

Massive Wiki commands for git

  • git massive
  • git wiki
  • git massive-wiki-starter

Refresh a wiki in the same repo

  • copy all the content files (*.md, mwb.yaml, .gitignore, custom themes, github description) someplace safe
  • delete all files
  • git commit --allow-empty -m "zero out wiki for refresh"
  • copy in the MWB/MWT git modules, netlify.toml (from Starter Wiki)
  • copy all the content files back in
  • git add .
  • git commit -m "wiki is refreshed"

Getting People Started

  • with Massive Wiki Starter
  • with a web site that helps people start a page or a few pages, then they can download it
    • similar, but with something like TiddlyWiki as the start