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Massive Wiki Wednesday, 2022-10-19


portions originally from meeting 19 October - Mapping the thinking tool landscape with collective intelligence

  • [x] can we have files (like this) that we can share and edit without being published?
    • No, but nice feature request.
  • [x] homepage spidergraph proposal
  • [x] 404 page process
  • [x] Scrintal (and "Scrintal Beta Early Access Plan")
  • [x] getting new users started (and update or remove the old Getting Started Guide stuff)
  • [x] Obsidian v1.0 Released
  • [x] "ecosystem of tools"
  • [ ] review and prioritize MWB issues and development

MWB Bugs

  • macos doesn't distinguish between case, linux does

Ecosystem of Tools

  • "Massive Wiki is a movement to create a wiki ecosystem (rather than just one engine) that provides classic wiki utility, with a plurality of tools and processes that enable decentralization and federation of the pages."
  • sharing HackMD links -

Obsidian v1.0 Released

  • new setting for file header
    • recommend turning off "Show inline title" (Displays the filename as an editable title inline with the file contents.) and continue to use the # Page Title convention
    • consider using "Page Heading From Links" community plugin
  • don't need separate "Collapse All" plugin any more

"Working Notes" / "Management" pages in Massive Wiki


  1. create a feature request for a way to flag pages or entire folder(s) that don't get published to the web
  2. create an "Internal Pages" section of your site, with an explanatory section home page explaining what "internal pages" are; maybe add a header at the top of each page
  3. for super-clean websites, have a staging wiki website, and a production website
    • with Git branches
    • with two separate repos

404 page

  • build phase: solution, mentioning that we're upgrading to a 'auto-stub creation' process.
  • example: Lionsberg:

homepage spidergraph proposal

  • put interactive form into later project phase