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Massive Wiki Wednesday, 2023-02-22


  • [x] "mwb3" rewrite, around adoption of Mistletoe
  • [x] Tft Map Project coding
  • [ ] Massive Wiki roadmap
  • [x] Minilist
  • [x] listmonk
  • [x] MyHub.ai
  • [x] Catalist
  • [x] Oxen - dataset management
    • [x] cf. HuggingFace
    • [x] management of super-massive datasets (including deletion, yikes!)
  • [x] Anne Helen Petersen
  • [x] TV / Movies
    • [x] The Last of Us
    • [x] DI Ray
    • [x] Poker Face
    • [x] Stutz - pain, uncertainty, constant work