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  • Windows filename restrictions
  • new All Pages column sorting
  • Recent Pages enhancement: include a short snippet (or generative summary, lol) of the page
  • thoughts about Git
  • roadmap thoughts

Check out Zed

  • https://zed.dev/
  • https://zed.dev/blog/open-sourcing-zed-on-zed

Roadmap Thoughts

see Massive Wiki Roadmap

  • MWB 3.x release
    • get themes up-to-date
    • get starter wiki up-to-date
    • test with some benchmark wikis
      • lionsberg
      • ogm
      • tftmap
      • bandstands
    • actual release, tagging, creating release in GitHub
  • incipient links
    • need to decide how to format
      • should not look like regular text; should be distinctive
      • should look different from a regular link
      • should not navigate anywhere
      • idea: red squiggly underline, short popup on hover that says "this is a placeholder for a link ⓘ"
  • backlinks
    • need to decide how to put it on the page / how to format - Stroll has a nice backlink section at the bottom of pages :-)

Windows filename restrictions

Bumped into the fact again that "?" is allowed on Mac, but not allowed on Windows. This causes a non-user-friendly error about pathspec not allowed.

We used a workaround at the time, but didn't address anything more than that. Consider improving the Git plugin by understanding this error and doing something smart.

New All Pages column sorting

To set up default reverse chrono in Jinja, add this to the template:

{% for page in pages|sort(attribute='date',reverse=True) %}

How would we parameterize this in mwb.yaml?

Also to note: in JS, the first column doesn't sort (and toggle sort) the way the others do; we probably need to read the docs.

Thoughts about Git

  • considering trying Subversion (centralized version control with check out / check in)
    • SmartSVN?
    • TortoiseSVN?
  • considering trying SmartGit, which is $$$, but full-featured and has both Mac and Windows versions