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Massive Wiki Wednesday, 2023-11-08

Table of Contents Discussion

  • general idea, dynamically create a ToC file inside a directory, for the Markdown files inside the directory
  • issues:
    • not needed in all directories, need some way to indicate which dirs and which not
    • Obsidian plugin, MWP plugin, standalone
  • category links/pages (i.e., backlinks) vs. directory structures


  • rename repo
    • use dashes this time? massive-wiki-publisher
  • rename mwb.py
  • look through the code in the repo, change any references in the code/comments
  • rename mwb.yaml, change in netlify.toml
  • fix references to MWB in massive.wiki and developer wiki
    • anywhere else?
  • fix anything in the starter kit

MWP PyPI module

Massive Wiki Publisher Personas and Use Cases


  • MWP developer
  • Someone who can use CLI and Python apps, and wants to run MWP locally, but never do dev or test suite
  • Someone using Jupyter notebook and Obsidian
  • Obsidian user who wants a website

Bill's Ontological Commitment Disorders

  1. believing a thought is a fact
  2. using a taxonomy and thinking it's real