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Massive Wiki Builder, 2024-02-28

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Project Candidates

  • Edit This Page button
  • Transclusion
  • Build warning when multiple pages with same name detected
    • would need a system to write progress notes into an HTML file in the build
  • GitHub-based commenting system
  • Webmentions
  • 2-3 new themes
  • PyPI modules
  • annotate external links with destination domain
    • decide whether to do destination domain or just an icon (like Wikipedia)
  • multiple page templates
    • multiple sidebars?
  • document favicon setup
  • document how to change theme colors, etc.
  • embed PDFs
  • highlight sidebar item if it points to the current page (#44)
  • Try to always write an index.html file #41


  • Massive Wiki Builder name change
    • Massive Website Publisher?
    • Massive Personal Publisher?
    • MasWiki?
      • ? ?
      • MasWiki builder
  • Amitav Ghosh talk
    • What if The Event (gradualist or sudden) already happened?
    • Gradualist vs. catastrophic is a boring conversation for me. Seems obvious it's both! --Slow
  • Bill working on new README branch
  • We should add tests for the directory flags (and Pete wants to change -w to -i, longer discussion)
  • NeoBooks news, Fellowship of the Link news
  • WikiBirthday - Mar 25
  • Aaron Bushnell
    • - two Aarons
    • - great points, looking forward to their full statement
  • ship MWB 3.1 (3.1.4, most likely)