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Massive Wiki Wednesday, 2024-03-20


  • transclusion fix
  • link to transcluded page
  • PyPI module project plan
  • Edit This Page architecture
  • closed #60
  • version 3.2 release, roadmap for next things after things

Git Branching Stuff

  • some of the work involves GitHub (for better or worse)
  • GitButler
  • GitHub Desktop
  • Git Flow
  • GitHub Flow
  • each team's negotiated and documented branching strategy

Why / How Massive Wiki Resources

a presentation by Aram about static websites, and why to set them up:

Why to learn Obsidian

  • to keep personal notes
  • to keep versioned personal notes
  • to work with a team, and keep team notes
  • it's free
  • it's futureproof
  • each note is easy to repurpose and share
  • to create professional-looking websites that can be hosted for free
  • you can "link as you think", use tags, and other organization methods
  • it uses Markdown, which is easy to use and useful many other places

Some Links