Massive Wiki Wednesday (US-EU), 2021-07-07



  • actually applying scientific method
  • Massive Wiki Wednesday ANZ/Asia starting next week
  • Massive Human Intelligence / Massive Wiki Roadmap
  • YAML frontmatter
  • Massive Wiki Clients
    • Obsidian
    • GitJournal
  • social knowledge prostheses
  • chunking, naming, linking
  • sequence
  • fractal scale
  • Bob Horn
  • "Diagrammatology: An Investigation on the Borderlines of Phenomenology, Ontology, and Semiotics", book by Frederik Stjernfelt
  • Marcello Barbieri, editor: "The Codes of Life" -- range of codes from organic, mental, cultural
    • "Code Biology: A New Science of Life", book by Marcello Barbieri

Massive Wiki Wednesday ANZ/Asia

starts 7/13-7/14

  • Auckland, 12:30pm (Weds)
  • Sydney, 10:30am (Weds)
  • Tokyo, 9:30am (Weds)
  • Bangkok, 7:30am (Weds)
  • Paris, 2:30am (Weds)
  • London, 1:30am (Weds)
  • UTC, 0:30am (Weds)
  • Chicago, 7:30pm (Tues)
  • Denver, 6:30pm (Tues)
  • Los Angeles, 5:30pm (Tues)
  • Honolulu, 2:30pm (Tues)