Massive Wiki Wednesday (US-EU), 2021-09-08

Hashtags: #SaplingPage #EarlyDraft #MeetingNotes (not yet a #MightyOakPage)

Other hashtags: #TreeMaturitySapling or #TreeSapling or #PageMaturitySapling

CategoryLinks: SaplingPage

Other "page" hashtags:

  • PageMaturity
  • PageType
  • PageAuthor
  • PageMaintainer
  • PageCharacteristics


Bill Anderson, Simon Grant, Miriam Dym, Peter Kaminski


  • yesterday's Massive Wiki Wednesday
  • VNC to a remote computer running Obsidian
  • Python access to Mattermost for the purpose of interfacing with Massive Wiki
  • doing the next architectural diagram
    • the peer-to-peer version
  • Project Clambake
  • David Bovill's project around Open Language
  • Pete's tree metaphor for page maturity
    • Nature Metaphors
    • observation: there are different lifecycle models
  • Namespaces in wikis
  • dc: terms (Dublin Core)
  • multilingual tagging
  • aliases like Roam
  • User-centered design
  • Clear, simple, intuitive
  • Community of Practice vs. "In group"

Page Maturity

Idea: if a page has changed since you've linked to it, the link should tell you that the page has changed, and may have different meaning.

What are the use cases for page maturity.

A tree metaphor might make people think pages grow by themselves, rather than by people working on it.

Zoom Chat


is there a way to have a header look temporary?

Erik Willekens

that exists in trello for cards



trees + mycorrhizal network?

Bill Anderson

i have been thinking more about “free association” relationships among chunks



Bill Anderson

my poodle Zander is demanding attention here

Bear uses tags for organization so you can have tags like #science/climate


To extend the metaphor, this book might be useful: Entangled Life, Merlin Sheldrake

Bill Anderson

for me vocabularies are fuzzy - gets me into trouble all the time (how did i ever become a chemist?)


^+1 (except the chemist part)

Simon Grant

Very old convention from early in the web: work in progress...



Simon Grant


Bill Anderson

how to tell a joke - it’s not all about timing

when GPT-3 starts writing wikis

Peter Kaminski



horizons, not boundaries

inclusion and trust