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Massive Wiki Wednesday (US-EU), 2021-11-17


  • file sync / syncthing
  • Bricman's dual
  • Opal (easy-to-use desktop front-end with built-in sync)
  • Zirconia (web-based Gitforge front-end)
  • Massive Wiki Builder
  • Brainlet (graph diagram widget)

File sync options

  • Git
  • Syncthing
  • Pijul
  • Nextcloud
  • Nebulus

Open Source and-or Self-Hosted Distributed Storage Options

  • Syncthing
  • nextcloud
  • seafile
  • ipfs
  • fission drive
  • radicle
  • hypercore hyperdrive
  • nebulus
  • brig

Paul Bricman work

  • https://github.com/paulbricman/dual-obsidian-client
  • the official write-up: https://paulbricman.com/thoughtware/dual