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MasWiki Python Module meeting, 2024-01-30

Off Topic

  • https://memgpt.ai/
  • https://pi.ai/ - a good conversationalist, free to start

Use Cases, Personas

  1. I'm installing MasWiki because I want to turn Obsidian vaults into websites -> install MasWiki
    • "website" - does that mean local? cloud? both?
    • "install MasWiki" -- globally, or with a venv
  2. I want a quick and easy website (and a static site is okay) -> install Publishing Toolkit Further notes on this topic: web and wiki publishing - scenarios and workflows

Package Name

  • temporary name is MasWiki
  • future name TBD, needs to be friendly for people who want a static site, but not necessarily a wiki

Research: "init" methods used by other tools

  • 11ty
  • Hugo
  • Express.js?
  • MemGPT: "quickstart" command, Set the base config file with a single command

General Architecture

MasWiki -- the builder

  • distributed as a PyPI module
  • has an "init" function to get somebody going
    • includes mwb.yaml, a simple theme, and package.json

Publishing Toolkit - template repo to get a static website up easily

  • netlify.toml
  • .massivewikibuilder directory
    • requirements.txt is used by Netlify to install MasWiki (replaces git submodule)
    • instructions to install MasWiki module locally, but installing MasWiki for Netlify is handled automatically

MasWiki Actual Getting Started Instructions

  • create files like PK MasWiki Getting Started or BA MasWiki Getting Started

stuff goes here

Installed Globally, used for multiple wikis

  • skip venv, because it's global anyway
  • typical uses option A:
    • maswiki --create ~/Documents/GitHub/new-wiki
    • maswiki --build ~/Documents/GitHub/existing-wiki
    • maswiki --build . # looks for .maswiki/maswiki.yaml ?
  • typical uses option B (probably the more appropriate way):
    • mkdir new-wiki; cd new-wiki; maswiki init; emacs .maswiki/maswiki.yaml

Publishing Toolkit Actual Getting Started Instructions

User that doesn't know or care how it works, just needs a website

  • use Publishing Toolkit repo as a template to create a new wiki