Waggle Dance, 2024-01-24

Jerry's Notes

Costing Estimate Legend

SWAG values, not necessarily reality

  • $ - 4 to 8 hrs
  • $$ - 8 to 24 hrs
  • $$$ - 24 to 100
  • $$$$ - 100 to 400

List from Jerry's Brain

  • Create GPTs for Massive Wikis
    • starter cost: $
    • GPT and GPT-like platforms: OpenAI GPT Store, FlowGPT, Poe.com
    • some "one-button" way to take the contents of a MW and set it up to turn it into a GPT
    • More generalized AI to have a conversation with a given corpus? Are these the same?
      • What is the limit on model size? Can it handle 1 to 2 million words?
    • If you don't have a GPT that goes with your book...
  • Make Massive Wiki More of a Wiki (editing from the Web interface)
    • starter cost (maquette that works, "Edit This Page" button that goes to the GitHub page for this file for editing): $$
    • making it nice: $$$ - $$$$
    • Inverse reationship between ease of use in starting up, and power... 99% of people reading web, don't know how to make a website or contribute to wiki... Most people don't want to edit - want to 1. comment 2. copy and post to blog and comment...
    • Need essentially two interfaces...
      • one for people who may want to edit...
      • another for people who don't (99.99% of people - will find it difficult to conceptualize editing a page). Most never interact with text in a contributory way.
    • also see "A Menu for Contributing to a Wiki Web Page" belowlad
  • Themes for Massive Wiki
    • each simple theme: $, each advanced theme: $$
    • Childrens Book
    • Text Book
    • Documentation (that looks like software documentation websites)
  • Make the NeoBook / Lionsberg Wiki Books Reading Experience Special
    • Beyond themes - what should the reading experience on the web be?
    • Examples
      • Chris Aldrich?
      • Andy Matuschak?
  • Ability to have distinct themes for a subset of the wiki
    • starter version: $$
  • Better Interwiki
    • cross-wiki linking
    • cross-wiki transclusion
    • sister pages
    • viewing multiple wikis as one
    • $$ to have ideas
    • $$$ to start
    • $$$$ quickly
    • Distinct themes for subsets (above) - is lower hanging fruit...
    • Decentralizations - multiple communities talking to one another through the magic of wikis that can look separate or like one thing...
    • similar in ways to the old blogosphere with pingbacks and trackbacks
  • Issue of Canonicity and Decentralization and Quality...
    • Navigation towards Truth
    • discussion space for each issue
    • hypernetwork
    • ways to hold separate truths at the same time, and for readers to vote or certify their views
    • Ability to separate out subsets of issues - and point and reference...
      • The crystalization of things towards coherence and consensus...
      • Kind of like honeybee democracy
      • Great noosphere
      • Interesting links to governance and decision making
      • Proxy voting and delegation of responsiblity and authority by domain...
      • Dalios - Believability weighted idea meritocracy...
  • Managing NeoBook Metadata
    • standardized "tropes" like cut/copy/paste
  • NeoBook Writing Dashboard
    • is this the scrivener-ish view+pages
  • Path from Massive Wiki to ePub and KDP
  • Publishing / ISBN #s etc.

  • Permalinks for Plex Post Articles
    • 1 page per post, one generated page that acts as the whole Plex publication
    • Ability to serialize publishing then combine later...
  • Podcast Infrastructure for Massive Wiki
  • Present from a Wiki - NeoDeck
    • javascript presentation framework
  • Storytelling with Massive Wiki
    • e.g. Prezi, along with other ways to assist narrative
    • c.f. a chatbot interface, which would include "tell me a story about..." within the corpus
  • The OGM Multiplane Mosaic
    • Separating out levels of abstraction... moving between them... understanding what we are talking about where in the Salience Landscape...
    • ladder of abstraction
    • Making a very important invisible / unconscious narrative framework conscious / visible so we can navigate the landscape of coneptualization together...
  • Opal, a desktop / web / mobile front-end, or client, for Massive Wiki
    • supplants Obsidian+Git
    • makes Git easier, particularly
  • Zircon, a Massive Wiki frontend for Git forges

Some of Pete and Bill's list of easy / important fixes and additions

  • Separate Home Page template (or better, multiple page templates, choose which template with metadata in page)
    • starter version: $
  • Fix Basso or create another theme where the sidebar (not the top nav) folds into a hamburger menu
    • starter version: $, nice version: $$
  • Ship or replace Coriander (a non-framework-based theme)
  • fix or close issues in https://github.com/Massive-Wiki/massivewikibuilder/issues

A Menu for Contributing to a Wiki Web Page

(is this list too hard? think cut, copy, paste)


  • Edit this page
  • Comment on this page
  • Comment on this sentence
  • Write the author
  • Join this community
  • Be notified of updates

Next Steps

  • $6,000 grant request to Lionsberg
  • Longer range federated proposal that aggregates up the requisite pieces

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