2022-10-24 some markdown testing

This is an Obsidian note to observe what happens in MWB when making bulleted (un-ordered) lists.

  • like this bullet item here
  • and this other one
  • and yet a third one following on
  • without adding any spaces at the
  • end of the lines; just CRs
  • however, a blank line is needed before starting the list

later that same day (2022-10-24)

  • we add this page to developer wiki
  • just to keep ourselves honest about what MWB does with un-ordered lists
  • so this list only has CRs at the end of the lines

but this list here

  • has explicit two space characters
  • at the end of each line
  • which seems like a lot to ask
  • of the hapless folk just trying to
  • make a list.

notes on what was observed

  • a line of plain text followed by items with leading hyphens "-" are formatted by MWB as an HTML paragraph, not as an unordered list.
  • one solution is to place a blank line between the sentence and the listed items. this is formatted as an un-ordered list.
  • last observation: any kind of header can be followed by an un-ordered list, and list items can be terminated by CRs (i.e., no blank spaces are needed at the end of the list items)