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2024-04-05 Edit this page

Edit this page, phase 1 $600

Add an "edit this page" button to every Massive Wiki page that allows a wiki reader to edit the page content and stage the changes for incorporation into the wiki.


  • Feature implemented in MWB v3.3.0, 2024-05-15, still to do:
    • implementation
    • documentation, perhaps with a short video demo?
    • deployment to massive.wiki and wiki.openglobalmind.com and developer.massive.wiki?

Definition of done:

  • feature is built into a version of MWB
  • feature is deployed to massive.wiki and wiki.openglobalmind.com
  • feature has been tested (by MW users and well as developers)
  • feature has been documented in MWB's README.md
    • documentation includes a "how-to-use" this feature

Future enhancements: