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MWB PyPI module publication

Finish PyPI module publication

Provide Massive Wiki publishing as a PyPI(Python Package Index) module that enables installation using the Python pip capability; e.g., if module name is "MWB-publish":

pip install MWB-publish


  • PyPI module released (in the wild), 2024-06-19: still to do:
    • implementation of module init and publish features
    • PyPI documentation (there are standards)
    • decide on PyPI module name (thinking web publishing;-- more than Massive Wiki publishing)
    • module uses pytest

Definition of done:

  • use Poetry checklist at the bottom of this chat: https://chat.openai.com/share/011ae8a7-c61e-4c3e-82ad-83b2b517e739
  • module available on the PyPI server
  • feature is deployed to massive.wiki and developer.massive.wiki (others?)
  • MW publish operates as MWB v3 does for publishing existing Massive Wikis
  • module has a working and documented pytest
  • Massive Wiki documentation reflects use of PyPI module

Future enhancements: