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Pure.css Side Menu Theme

This is an alpha / in-development theme.

It currently lives in the this-wiki-themes/purecss-side-menu directory of the Massive Wiki Developer Wiki.

It uses Pure.css.

It was initially created by Peter Kaminski, by lightly adapting the Pure "side menu" layout.

Comments, contributions, or forks are welcome.

Wishes and Issues

BUG: The bounding box for links in the sidebar is too tall, which means it's easy to for a click to go to the wrong link for links that are stacked right on top of one another.

Needs a "home page" template (which would need support in MWB).

Sidebar is very narrow for typical content; perhaps it should be wider.

Should there be a topbar on every page template for branding?

Needs examples of doing color theming / branding. Pure says, "We believe that it's much easier to add new CSS rules than to overwrite existing rules. By adding a few lines of CSS, you can customize Pure's appearance to work with your web project." It then links to Extend - build on top of Pure.

There should be better integration with Pure.css (some of which may require additional features in MWB):

  • Use the Pure.css menu/navigation classes in the sidebar.
  • Responsive images - "Add the .pure-img class name to an <img> element to make it scale with the viewport."
  • See if we can be clever and use Grids, Forms, Buttons, Tables.