Massive Wiki Wednesday, 2023-11-15

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Next steps

Aim for a good release by end of year

  • MWB -> MWP (or new name)
  • add that "decentralized/distributed" explanation to the MW philosophy
    • here are the benefits, and we think they're worth it
    • note that there are costs
  • do a plugin architecture? (someday)
  • do PyPi module? (someday)
    • figure out the internal naming and structure
  • do a nice English explanation of how MWP works? (someday)
  • create a directory of massive wikis
    • make sure they're all updated
  • propagate Bill's fix for All Pages chrono to the central distribution places

For the "do?" things, understand the motivation, the resources needed, the benefits gained.

MWB / MWP names?

  • short, doesn't have obvious meaning
  • masWiki