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Github - getting started notes

2022-07-31 (Bill) trials and errors using the Github CLI Manual

  • one way to bootstrap a starter wiki as a git repository:
  • do need to check Github authorization status; use this:
    • $ gh auth status (this does require (1) Github account; (2) personal access token)
$ mkdir mynewrepo
$ cd mynewrepo
$ touch README.md
$ git add README.md
$ git commit -m "baseline commit" README.md
$ git init
$ gh repo create mynewrepo --public --source=. --remote=upstream
$ git branch -M main
$ git remote add origin https://github.com/GH-UserID/mynewrepo.git
$ git push -u origin main
  • now we have a repo on Github and here and can proceed with more MWB setups.

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