Starter wiki learnings (Bill)


Reflections on using the massive-wiki-starter as the template for a personal Massive Wiki.

  • Massive Wiki pre-requisites:
    • make decisions on (1) authoring, (2) sharing, (3) versioning, and (4) having a public web site of wiki content.
    • (1) authoring: Obsidian (or other app) to create Markdown files
    • (2) sharing: Github (or other Git repository hosting) is one choice
    • (3) versioning (is provided by Git repositories)
    • (4) public web site requires web hosting ( is one option)
  • Decisions made; let's get started:
    • choose a folder on your computer to contain your wiki content (Bill uses ~/Documents/myWikis/ as the base and create a different folder for each wiki)

    • we are using Github, so this is one way to proceed:

    • (1) general outline: use massive-wiki-starter repository code to populate the new wiki-repository (download .zip file? fork the repo?); initialize this content into its own Github repository; configure and add the MWB and MWT submodules (this is getting complicated); make sure everything is up-to-date; push the current state as a baseline version of this new wiki(?)

    • (2022-07-31 update: has some useful examples of how to proceed with a starter-wiki repository:
      e.g., $ gh repo create mynewrepo --public --source=. --remote=upstream also see Github - getting started notes

    • (2) edit the file with information you want on your wiki home-page

      • since we said "yes, we want a public website" now is the time to edit the MassiveWikiBuilder configuration file .massivewikibuilder/mwb.yaml , cf. MWB configuration
      • using a Sidebar? now is the time to add content to Sidebar
      • since we are implementing a Sidebar now is the time to edit wiki_dir/netlify.toml and insure that the mwb command is using the basso theme