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Working on Webmention, 2023-12-17

Working on Webmention, 2023-12-17

permalink (perhaps not needed)
I (Pete) am working on Webmention as part of IndieWebCamp San Diego 2023. See .

Angelo is graciously helping me by answering newbie questions. :-)

My first experiment is to use a service to send Webmentions; the services I've looked at will send a Webmention for links inside an h-entry.

The current plan is to wrap the whole body of wiki pages in h-entry; this page will be doing that.

The content above works! We might not need the u-url permalink (for future testing). It was parsed and a webmention was sent by https://telegraph.p3k.io/, with Pete manually clicking the send button.

Next up: automate sending webmentions when the website is built.


See https://indieweb.org/Webmention-developer#Libraries for libraries.

Consider doing an RSS feed at the same time.